Thursday, July 10, 2014

June Races Recap: Oakley Women's 10K, Queens 10K, and Pride Run 5 Miler

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."

June was a packed month, which after almost 5 months of not working a full time job was extremely welcomed, but unfortunately sidetracked me from blogging. I started my new full time job as a Research Assistant with the Lifestyle Intervention for Two (LIFT) Pregnancy Study- hit me up if you're pregnant and looking to stay in shape :) - as well as a weekend nannying job. I was also signed up for 3 races in June!! Unfortunately I couldn't do the last one because I was out of town nannying, but my good friend CeCe was able to run it for me so I still got credit for 9+1

The first race was the Oakley Women's 10K on June 14th.  This all female race takes place in Central Park every June, and is one of my favorites. This race begins in Columbus Circle- right down the street from my new job! I'm still enthralled by the fact I work in midtown... - and takes you up Central Park West until around 90th street where you enter the park and complete the Central Park loop. 
My daily lunch view- with a few more runners than usual!
I'm so familiar with this running route I started out going a little too fast until my lungs reminded me I hadn't run Harlem Hill (the most infamous hill in the park) since the NYC Half in March. I ended up finishing with a 53:44, which was slightly slower than last year, but I was greeted at the finish line with water,  snacks, a pink medal, and flower so I felt ok. I was signed up for another 10K the following weekend so I decided not to let my slower time get to me. 

Post 2014 Oakley Women's 10K
The following weekend I got up at 5:30 am Sunday after doing some sunset yoga in Times Square for summer solstice and took the subway out to Queens for the third race in the NYRR 5 Borough series. 
Times Square Summer Solstice Yoga
The Queens 10K is infamous for being on the hottest day of the year, however, this year they decided to give runners a break and move it from July to June 22 so the weather wasn't bad. This was my first time running Queens, and I loved the course. The entire race is in Corona Park near Citifield, and it's extremely flat and fast paced. I finished in 49:45, about an 8:01/mile pace. I was absolutely thrilled after my disappointing finish the weekend before, and because I've been trying to do a 10K in under 50 minutes. Maybe I should do yoga the night before all my races?  Or maybe all courses should be this flat...
Post 2014 Queens 10K

The following weekend I was signed up for the NYRR Pride Run, but had to go out of town to babysit.  My friend CeCe was nice enough to run it in my place- even after she accidentally forgot the date and was still in bed when I texted her to take pictures.  Late start and all she still beat my butt and paced 7:36 miles so now I'm going to look faster than I actually am on my bibs.  Go CeCe!!
CeCe and her colorful outfit for the 2014 Pride Run!

Race Update: I've completed 6 out of my 9 required races for automatic entry into the 2015 NYC Marathon.  I've completed 3 out of the 5 NYC boroughs- Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens- which will give me automatic entry into the 2015 NYC Half Marathon.  
Only 2 boroughs to go!
And now for the exciting news- I will be running my first full marathon this October in Baltimore!!  More updates- and training, fitness, and nutrition tips- to come on the blog!
2014 Baltimore Marathon bound!