About Me

I am currently working as a certified personal trainer in New York City. My love of fitness began in college after losing over 30 pounds prior to starting my freshman year. Determined not to regain the weight or the common "freshman 15" I made going to the gym a priority and oftentimes took the steps to my 12th floor dorm room. Throughout college I focused my research on treating and preventing childhood obesity. After graduating I enrolled in AmeriCorps, and was given the opportunity to run my own fitness and nutrition program in Alphabet City, New York. During this time I came to two very important realizations: I knew very little about nutrition and it is critically important to instill proper nutrition and activity practices at an early age. After finishing AmeriCorps I earned my Master's degree in human nutrition at Columbia University. Now as a trainer I am able to use what I learned about nutrition to help my clients maximize their training programs. In addition I am focused on teaching women how to empower themselves to take control of their health and their future children's. My goal is to help others establish fitness and nutrition programs that fit their goals, needs, abilities, and lifestyles.

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